Southern White Rhino

This southern white rhino, named Tauwo, is unique in that she lives with the world’s last two remaining female northern white rhinos on Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Until 2009, the northern white rhinos lived in the Dvůr Králové Zoo in Czech Republic. They were brought to Kenya in the hope that the semi-natural environment would stimulate mating. Unfortunately, no mating occurred. Over time, the two male northern white rhinos died, leaving behind only the two females on Ol Pejeta. This southern white rhino was introduced to help them acclimatize to their new home. In August and December 2020, scientists harvested eggs from the two northern white rhinos, and fertilized them with sperm saved from one of the deceased males, to be implanted in a surrogate southern white rhino, to try to save the species.

November 2020 on Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya.

Limited edition of 12 each size. 

Available sizes:

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Unframed Large: 30”x45”             $3,000.00   12/12 remaining

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