Any of the photographs in the Monochromes collection are available as signed, limited editions of 12, and can be either framed or unframed.  


Standard: 14”x21” $2,000.00
Standard: 16”x16” $2,500.00
Large: 30”x45”      $3,000.00
Large: 40”x40”      $3,500.00


Standard: 15.5”x22.5”     $3,000.00
Standard: 17.5” x 17.5”   $3,500.00
Large:        31.5”x46.5”    $5,000.00
Large:       41.5” x 41.5”   $5,500.00


Nitin partnered with a renowned French fine art printer, now based in New York City, to produce my images. With a track record of working with the world’s most famous photographers for over 70 years in Europe and the United States, this firm has excellent attention to detail and quality. 

The photographs are printed on Hahnemühle Baryta Photo Rag 315g from a 430 year old German paper company. It is a natural-white paper with a barium sulfate finish. The coating gives the final image much deeper blacks and more detail. Properly cared for, this paper will last hundreds of years.


Photographs will be framed in a simple black Shadow Box to emphasize the blacks and whites. First mounted on foam core to ensure flatness, photographs will be placed in a made-to-measure Shadow Box. 

The black-painted frames are made of high quality maple wood by Larson-Juhl, and provides distance between the print and the front glass to maintain the archival quality. 

The glass is a high quality shatter-proof acrylic with a hanging system on the back that makes your piece ready to mount.


Shipping is included to the continental U.S. through UPS or Fedex, and will be sent directly from the printing firm in New York City. These are individually made, please allow four to six weeks for delivery.  

As every piece is individually crafted and framed for you, returns are not possible. However, Nitin and the printer will work with you to ensure complete satisfaction. 

To order a print, click on a thumbnail below:


Please don't hesitate to reach out, if you have any questions, or even just to say hello. If Nitin is in the field and off the grid in the wilderness, it might take him a few days to get back to you. 

Thank you!


"Your photos capture the audacious realness of life...portrait and landscape alike and allow all of us to bear witness to the Real in one glorious, tragic, sublime moment. Thank you." – Robert Herzog, San Francisco.

"I have several of Nitin's photographs and just ordered one from the new Monochromes collection. I cannot wait to see it up on my wall! His ability to draw out the depth and beauty in simple things like landscapes, a human face or wildlife is really quite amazing. Nitin's photographs are often the centerpiece of conversation when I have guests over!" – Ami Morgan, Washington, DC.

"Stunning photos taken by an accomplished photographer who also deeply understands and respects the places in which he shoots." – Joe Brinker, Brussels