The Grandeur of Wildlife in Black & White Photography

Photographing wildlife takes time, patience and solitude.

Nitin Madhav is a fine art photographer who emphasizes the majesty of wild animals in their natural habitats. His minimally-processed black & white images show animals at rest or play – an ideal way to bring the tranquility of nature into your home. All print sales go to animal conservation efforts.


"Your photos capture the audacious realness of life...portrait and landscape alike and allow all of us to bear witness to the Real in one glorious, tragic, sublime moment. Thank you." – Robert Herzog, San Francisco.

"I have several of Nitin's photographs and just ordered one from the new Monochromes collection. I cannot wait to see it up on my wall! His ability to draw out the depth and beauty in simple things like landscapes, a human face or wildlife is really quite amazing. Nitin's photographs are often the centerpiece of conversation when I have guests over!" – Ami Morgan, Washington, DC.

"Stunning photos taken by an accomplished photographer who also deeply understands and respects the places in which he shoots." – Joe Brinker, Brussels 

"Super excited to be an owner of one of Nitin’s prints. His ability to capture wildlife portraiture and put you in direct eye-line with these amazing animals is breathtaking. As an amateur photographer myself, I know the lengths and difficulties that go into capturing that precise moment; it’s exponentially more challenging with wildlife photography. The monochrome prints bring the stark, brutal reality of the savannah to life. i can’t wait to have a little bit of Africa in my living room.” – Andrew Pascal, Brooklyn