Zebra in the Dust

My guide, Juma, and I were driving through Amboseli, when all of a sudden a zebra dropped down and began to shake violently. I thought it was having a seizure, and Juma laughed and said, "No, the zebra is just taking a dust bath. They do that often." 

November 2020 in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

Limited edition of 12 each size. 

Available sizes:

Unframed Standard: 14”x21”     $2,000.00 12/12 remaining 

Unframed Large: 30”x45”           $3,000.00 12/12 remaining

Framed Standard: 15.5”x22.5”  $3,000.00

Framed Large: 31.5”x46.5”        $5,000.00