Esau’s Son

I had seen many photographs of super tuskers in front of Mt.Kilimanjaro, it’s such an iconic photo that I wanted to take my own version. We woke up before dawn and parked ourselves by a very highly trafficked elephant crossing point on the way to the Amboseli marshes. Kilimanjaro was shrouded by heavy clouds, and I was convinced that I’d never get “the shot”, should any elephants come by. We waited in the same spot for over five hours, until this magnificent gentleman ambled by. He took his time moving towards us, stopping to munch on grass along the way. As he approached, the clouds lifted, giving me a clear view of Kilimanjaro’s summit, and the elephant. His father is Esau, a famous tusker tracked by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. He held apose long enough for me to take this photograph, before he crossed in front of me, on his way to the marshes.

While the elephant population in Africa has drastically declined, Amboseli provides a unique haven since both the research done there,and the tourists who visit, as well as the Maasai who inhabit the area have done a lot to protect them. Uniquely, Amboseli is also home to about 24 of the world's last remaining super tusker elephants – those whose trunks weigh about 200 lbs each. Esau's son is still young, but one hopes that he too, will live long enough to join the ranks of the super tuskers like his father.

November 2020 in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

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