Elephant under the Clouds

We were driving by the dried bed of Lake Amboseli when clouds started to form and a light drizzle started. In the distance, we saw this handsome, young bull elephant. He had recently been kicked out of his herd – a self preservation mechanism by the herd to prevent him from mating, thus inbreeding with the cows. He was clearly unused to being by himself, and tried to mock charge us as we approached. When he realized that we weren’t elephants, he lost interest and wandered away, as the drizzle stopped and the sun came out behind the clouds. 

November 2020 in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

Limited edition of 12 each size. 

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Unframed Standard: 14”x21”     $2,000.00  12/12 remaining

Unframed Large: 30”x45”           $3,000.00   12/12 remaining

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Framed Large: 31.5”x46.5”        $5,000.00