This handsome lion, named Kipunji, is the head of an eponymous pride of six lionesses whose territory is on the banks of the Mwagusi river in southern Tanzania. He’s quite young, and very, very virile. One morning, just before daybreak, we drove down to the river where we found Kipunji mating with one of his lionesses. Lions generally breed once every two years in the wild. Lionesses are receptive for about three or four days each cycle and they mate up to 100 times in a 24 hour period. After an intense session, the lioness got up and walked away, as Kipunji turned and looked at me. 

I’ve seen many lions in the wild, but Kipunji is probably the most handsome one I’ve ever seen. He had a perfectly formed face and piercing eyes which kept their gaze on me as I was photographing him.

September 2020 in the Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

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